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zou.gifThink we should just stop wasting time and money on soccer. It is not within our capability to do well. Spend time and money wisely, We have done in TT, badminton, sailing and swimming.

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hituji.gifkobal / Exactly Another No nameBefore the camera even started rolling the bum was begging myself and ytcracker for money WHILE HE WAS DJING. He then started to say how his music sucked because he wouldn’t give him any money, we asked him to leave nicely and he refused to leave. There’s more to it then you think, ytcracker isn’t just talking shit for the hell of it.

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zou.gifGood morning poets and protesters…may the strength of your pens and your convictions lend some common sense to what is going down. Makes my head spin to think about SOPA, but I will refrain from turning this into my personal soap box. (Not to mention, some research and more learning is required on my part) Power on Poets!

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